Any Questions? 

Most Common

Child Dependants (Under 12 Years of Age)

Adding your children to the myGP app is the easiest way to book and manage their GP appointments.

Why can’t I find any appointments?

If you have logged into myGP and not found any appointments in the Book Appointment section, it is most likely down to two reasons:


  1. All available appointments have been booked
  2. Your practice has not selected any appointments to be available in the app


If you do not see any free appointments to book, then please contact your practice, as they are responsible for managing the appointments that you see on the app.


If your practice says that they are using the app and you should be able to see free slots, then please message us through the feedback centre available within the app (Settings > Send Feedback) and we can look into this for you.

How do I delete old messages?

Messages cannot be deleted. However we will be introducing an archive option for messages in the app. 


NOTE: Messages are stored on our servers and do not effect your mobile phone's storage!

Can I book other appointment types?

The option to add different appointment types such as nurse, urgent, diabetes etc. is there for practices, so if you cannot see this then it was their decision not to include it.


Please contact your practice and tell them you would like see a certain appointment type become available in the myGP app.

Add Adult Dependants that share your Mobile Number

In the myGP app you can add dependants without smartphones using your own.

How do I log out?

You are automatically logged-out of myGP after a minute of not opening the app once you have exited.


You will then need your PIN code that was sent to your mobile or your finger-print scanner to log back in.


You can change your PIN Code in the myGP Settings.

What is myGP?

myGP is the latest 'must-have' healthcare app for patients.  It provides fast and easy access to healthcare from your smartphone.


Key features & benefits:

- Register remotely with just your mobile number and date of birth that are registered at your GP practice.

- View, book and cancel appointments with your GP with just a few taps.

- Add your children, partners, parents and other adult dependants to your myGP app. 

- Create alerts to help you to remember to take your medication at the right time.

- Track and record your weight and blood pressure to help you to stay healthy.

- Access your medical record using your 10 digit NHS user online ID.